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Look at the factors of your scheme design to issues of cost, mechanical requirements. Draw the project out to communicate to others and start sourcing and pricing the components. Whether or not you are going to build the project yourself or hire a general contractor, being prepared here helps understanding all the issues you must encounter building your shipping container house.

Intermodal Shipping Container Home Floor Plans. Below are example one, two, three bedroom shipping container home floor plans.

Shipping Container Home Floor Plan Examples.

One Bedroom, One Bath Shipping Container Home Floor Plan

Total Square Footage: 320 sf          One 40' Shipping Container

R Value Table

R-Value Table

Insulation Values For Selected Materials

Use the R-value table below to help you determine the R-value of your wall or ceiling assemblies. To obtain a wall or ceiling assembly R-value you must add the r-values of the individual components together.

Construction Documents

The Construction Documents phase is the last stage of the design process. Focus is on finalizing the drawings and specifications for all components and systems of the building and producing the Contract Documents. A complete set of Contract Documents provides a comprehensive, fully coordinated set of construction documents and specifications that the Contractor uses to determine a Guaranteed Maximum Price or lump sum price, obtain necessary permits, coordinate with factory for modular components, and construct the project.

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