RSCP™ Competition

A Shipping Container Design Challenge and Competition.

Can we build appropriate to the times?   Can we build better and affordable without sacrificing comfort, quality, or even style?  Can building smaller be the answer? What is the perceived and real opportunity with shipping container building?

Can prefab finally deliver on it’s promise as a better, faster, cheaper alternative to conventional construction?  Can an integrated design and manufacturing approach offer true streamlined efficiencies? Can design be both standard and customizable?
Can “small” be intimate and expansive simultaneously?  What are the requisite elements of today’s home?  Can they be condensed/combined/co-joined/merged?  How have these changed in the last decade and what will the requirements/necessities/wants of  tomorrow’s homeowners be? 
Can we continue to ignore the moral imperative of using resources effectively and frugally in home design?  Does less have to be a bore?


First Prize: Winning entry is built as prototype and awarded to designer. Winning designer is also awarded contract for mass production of unit.


Competition Brief Available Fall 2013.