Residential Shipping Container Primer: Building a shipping container home.

What is RSCP ?

Residential Shipping Container Primer (RSCP) is a reference for building with ISO Shipping containers.  It is managed by architects and designers who have direct experience designing and constructing homes, commercial structures, pop-up shops, and mid-rise developments with shipping containers as the base building module. 


RSCP sets out to outline and detail the steps and stages required to turn recycled shipping containers into buildings.   Including (but not limited to) feasibility, budgeting, scheme design, technical hurdles, site concerns, foundation, envelope, modifying structure, passive enhancements, construction documents, and permitting.  Many are looking to containers today for their building projects. Why? Because it is a good idea whose time has come. But is it right for your project? RSCP can help you figure that out.  Then help get it done with both overview and specific examples. 

The primer starts at the following link -   INTRODUCTION: How To Build a Shipping Container Home.

RSCP is a Showcase of Built Projects.


Inspiration for your container building project. Example buildings made from shipping containers.  Some are residential, some are commercial, all show the potential of ISO shipping containers in building construction.  Link here to the RSCP Showcase of Built Projects.

RSCP is a Collaborative Forum and Design Resource.

RSCP is a mechanism to reinforce and expand common knowledge on how to build with shipping containers.  It's a copy left venue modeled after open source software development where users can post their container build projects (link here)  to ask questions, get help, record progress, or even showcase their build.  The belief is that as available and ubiquitous as containers are throughout the world, so should the technology required to convert them into buildings and spaces be. 

RSCP can also provide a full range of Design and Design Build Services on any container build project - link here for a list of services.