Access Control
Usually referring to home or building entry systems, such as alarms or keyed or biometric entry equipment.

A home, condominium or apartment project which provide and uses growing areas for plants, fruits and vegetables for the residents.
This may be simply a Green roof, however Agro-Housing usually means that other growing areas are designed into the building also.

Antiseptic Wood
A wood that contains natural oils and turpines that make it naturally antiseptic against insects, bacteria, and molds. The most popular
such woods are Teak and Bulau. Beside their extreme hardness, insects, termites, bacteria, and mold are never a problem.

Our purpose to include Asia is because many vendors and distributors use the word "Asia" when referring to where their factories are,
or where their products are made. However in most cases they really are referring to China but use the word Asia because the believe
is is more acceptable to the Consumer and seems less harsh. China has become very sophisticate and provides very high quality
research and technology since 2000.

Bio-Energy- (also Bio-fuels)
A general and very broad term for energy or fuels that are renewable and hopefully also less polluting. Generally, Bio-energy refers to
things that are grown by agriculture such as corn and other crops. The term Bio-energy is used more in Europe, and Bi-fuels is used
mostly in the U.S. Both refer to the same concepts and technologies. Not all Bio-fuels are less polluting, but they are simply renewable
unlike oil or gas. [ see Green Energy ]

Cargo Container
Same as a ISO Shipping Container

The acronym for Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam used as an Eco-friendly building insulation.

Cenosphere- (also Nanospheres)
A microscopic ball or bead that is hollow; a thin walled microscopic sphere that is hollow and offers thermal non-conducting properties.
The most common Cenospheres are a highly filtered by-product of a certain type coal burning process; white or light graying color.
Cenospheres have many technological uses because they are non-conductive, non-toxic, highly heat resistant, and extremely hard.

Ceramic Insulation
A highly efficient microscopic insulation made from a powdery mix of Cenospheres or Nanospheres. Usually added to paint and then
applied as a coating on any products or equipment the deflect heat and stop the transmission of heat and cold; non-conductive.
Ceramic coatings are NASA "spin-off" technology and in high demand because it is completely non-toxic and recyclable; a truly
Eco-Green technology.

This is an inspection primarily used for containers used for shipping and transportation. This is not an inspection or certification meant
for use of used containers and ISBU. The CSC inspection information is also stamped on a metal plate known as a CSC plate which is
attached to the shipping container. The CSC plate is usually removed when the containers are used for storage and construction ISBU.

Conex Box
The name given to the ISO shipping container by the U.S. military back in the '70's. There are no other differences.

Container Home
A home or building, constructed from an ISBU (shipping container) base. The term Container Home is often misused by some
modular and prefab manufacturers. The true Container home must be constructed of one, or multiple ISBU's to qualify as a true
Container home.

Corrosion is more than simply rust. Corrosion is a response when water, salts, pollutants and other chemicals come in contact with
most metals and actually eats deeply into the metal and dissolves it. One metal that is non-corrosive is Corten steel, widely used in
marine, freeway and bridge construction. Other the non-corrosive metals are gold, platinum, silver. Corten steel is always used in the
construction of true ISO shipping containers.

Corten steel
Also known as "Weathering Steel", because it withstands weather and is the only steel that is non-corrosive and will not rust out.
Corten steel does oxidize which looks like the beginning of rust, but the oxidation stops and never will become rust or corrosion to
deteriorate the Corten steel. Corten steel is more than 40% stronger than the common mild steel and some test as much as 75%.
Corten steel (Cor-ten) is the copyrighted name owned by US Steel company.

Cor-Ten steel- (see Corten)
The original and legal name for Corten steel, however the manufacturing trade generally refers to it as Corten. Used on newer ships,
bridges, shipping containers, and outdoor steel art work because it only oxidizes and does not rust or corrode as normal steel.

Any material with a wavy "S", "W", or "U" like design. Usually used when referring to paper boxes or metal; Corrugated metal.

Digital Security
The new security systems for monitoring home, children, day care, office, and business production facilities. They are PC based
digital technology which also allows the Remote viewing of all cameras over the internet. Ideal technology for prefabs, and ISBU
construction. Best when integrating CAT-5 and video cables during the new construction process. [ see Home Automation }

This term means Do It Yourself (DIY); usually meaning it is a simple project that can be done either by a Consumer or Professional.

Commonly thought of student housing at colleges and universities, but also a dormitory is employee housing. Shipping container
based construction has become a new trend globally for safe and attractive dormitories and student housing facilities.

Dry Shipping Container
A standard 20', 40', or 40' shipping container used to ship dry, non-agricultural cargo such normal boxes and commodities is referred
to as Dry. Dry just means the common shipping container for common commodities.

Eco Construction
Construction that is friendly to the environment, using recyclable materials and energy efficient. However, the term is very loosely used
with almost any construction and very difficult for the Consumer to separate and understand. ISBU's are one of the few true Eco
construction bases and materials.

Eco Insulation
Insulation that is highly efficient, non-toxic and safe to humans and the environment. ISBA recognizes only two Eco insulations at this
time that are safe, non-toxic, fire retardant, and highly efficient. ...Ceramic based insulations using cenospheres and nanospheres,
and also Closed-cell sprayfoam insulation.

Emergency Housing
Mobile, ready to use housing for use in disaster areas. The US government uses, expensive, dangerous and toxic trailer homes,
eventhough there are hundreds of thousands of shipping containers available from coast to coast. Other countries manufacture extremely
safe, durable, and cost effective ISBU based Emergency housing from Asia (China).

Emergency Shelters
See Emergency Housing

Energy Efficient
A product, group of products, or home that conserves and uses less energy than previous standard technology.

Flat Pack Housing
A growing, but dangerous housing trend mostly in Europe and Africa and which modules resemble ISBU shipping container base, but is
constructed with very thin gauge aluminum and low quality materials. The Flat Pack housing is shipped flat, then opened and assembled
on site. ...not the same quality and safety as normal Prefab, Modular, or ISBU based Prefab construction.

Note: not to be confused with Flat rack shipping containers, or Flat Packed ISO shipping containers for onsite assembly.

Geothermal Energy
Utilizing hot and super-hot water from the earths sub-surface to heat homes, greenhouses, aquaculture, and even create electricity.

Green Business
Any business which promotes the use, sale, or manufacturing of Eco-Green technology that Recycles, Saves Energy, and is non-Polluting.
These type businesses are some of the most profitable and fastest growing business trends Globally.

Green Construction
Building construction methods using Recyclable, Energy efficient, and non-Polluting products, materials, and technologies. The new trend
of ISBU shipping container based construction is the most ideal construction base for Green construction technologies.

Green Energy
Energy sources that are non-polluting, renewable, and sustainable, consisting of Solar energy, Wind turbines, Bio-fuels, and Geothermal.

A secure building structure for growing of fruits, vegetables, and other plants; providing protection from wind, cold, heat and insects. There
are many forms of greenhouses, including the standard, hydroponic, and sunless greenhouses which are underground for insulation,
and use LED lights to provide all necessary UV light forms.

Green Roof
A traditional type roofing in the UK which is now being adapted using new technologies, providing insulation, air purification, and even
food sources for many home owners and communities. The ISBU shipping container based home is the strongest and most ideal
structure for supporting Green roof technology.

Referring to an electrical Grid; traditional power companies and LP/propane gas companies. A Grid is a national network of energy.

When you cut your dependency on the traditional Grid and national energy sources-adding your own Solar, Wind, Bio, or Geothermal.
Usually meaning Renewable energy, but can also mean providing your own energy from a gas or diesel generator.

Our reference to hardwoods is mostly regarding the super-hardwoods that are the most sustainable (long life) and maintenance free.
Meaning they will last a life time at a lower cost. The best hardwoods for indoor or outdoor use are Balau, and Teak. All other hardwoods
are in a category far below these two.

Home Automation
A complete system utilizing electronic and digital technologies to save energy, control lighting, appliances, security cameras, alarms,
and audio-video multimedia functions for the entire home. This now includes the exact energy control of solar panels, solar heating,
wind turbines and battery storage units.

Home Decor
The design, furnishing and decorating of the home or apartment; the products used to decorate a home.

Referring specifically to an ISO shipping container that is 1 foot taller than the standard 8'9" container. HQ, or HC means high cube and
is 9'6". 40HQ and also 20HQ, but are not so common unless buying from the factory.

A method of greenhouse growing using water with nutrients in it rather than putting the plants in soil. The Hydroponic method is excellent
for many types of vegetables and produce; faster growing, more production per square foot, and better control of nutrients.

The internal structure of something, not the outer shell. If a home is made using ISBU shipping containers then the infrastructure is
the steel of the ISBU and all other parts of the home are built around it. The foundation may be concrete, but the infrastructure is ISBU.

ISBU is the short term for Intermadal Steel Shipping Unit. An ISO shipping container shell that is not used for shipping, but the steel shell
is used for residential or commercial storage or construction. If a home is built with 7 shipping containers, we say it is built with 7 ISBU's
because they are no longer shipping containers. ISBU and C-Blox are the same thing.

The international term for standardized manufacturing of everything. ISO ( International Standardization Organization). Shipping containers
and ISBU modules are are standardized in size for safety and easier transport by sea, rail, truck, and air. ...ISO Shipping Containers.

LED Lighting
Light sources that use Light Emitting Diodes to create the light rather than incandescent or fluorescent sources. The LED is the brightest,
most economical and energy efficient lighting source today, lasting 10-20 years per LED. LED lighting is also now used to provide Full
Spectrum, and UV light to greenhouse plants in full spectrum and at an energy savings of 50-90%. LED's are now the growing basis of
the Sunless Greenhouse trend.

Local Grown Foods
Foods that are grown within100 miles of their consumption. Either growing your own foods or buying from local growers assures
higher quality, better flavors, and less transport pollution from the vehicles which normally carry the food 1000's of miles to the consumer.
Many consumers are very concerned also about being so dependant on other countries for our food supplies. Your personal greenhouse,
patio garden, and outdoor garden can help to eliminate that concern.

The organized and efficient moving of products from their origin to the consumer. Large corporations have logistics departments whose
job is to move, ship and warehouse in the most cost effective manner. International logistics companies include shipping companies,
freight forwarders, and trucking companies who organize the shipping of Shipping Containers from the factory, by ship, through the ports
and Customs clearance, then by rail or truck in their local country for delivery to the dealer or consumer. Logistics is the efficient and most
economical method of moving cargo from one point to another.

Mobile Home
Typically a home which is built in a factory and can be transported on wheels. The construction is light and economical. The same home
could be built using an ISBU but with a virtually indestructible core. ...safer, easier to transport, and a longer housing life.

A home built in pieces inside a factory, then transported by multiple truck loads to the destination site and assembled. Usually allowing
a lower construction price, better quality control, and faster construction time. The same is being done with ISBU shipping containers
and the homes, hotels and apartments have much stronger construction, lower cost and faster construction time. A modular home created
by multiple ISBU's will have 2-5 times more strength in an earthquake tornado, or hurricane than a standard modular home.

Mild Steel
The standard steel used in building factories offices, homes, storage units and automobiles. Compared to Corten steel, mild steel is
weaker and will rust and corrode.

Mold Inhibitor
A chemical or sealant the stops or deters mold from growing on a surface. Ceramic Insulative coatings and Closed-cell sprayfoarm
insulations are both extremely efficient insulations and also mold inhibitors. Mold poisoning is a growing concern in home construction.

A cousin to the microscopic Cenosphere but even smaller, giving a smoother coating which may be required for some finishes.

The acronym for Open-Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam used in building insulation. [ see ccSPF ]

A combination of substances and chemicals including oxygen that changes color or physical properties of substances. Steel and metals
oxidize in the presence of moisture, salts, pollution and time. Extreme oxidation can cause rust and then corrosion. Some metals, such
as Corten steel used on shipping containers will oxidize, but will not rust or corrode the finish as with other metals.

Plasma Cutter
The simple explanation is a tool to cut electrically conductive metal such as steel. It is the easiest cutter to use and goes through thick or
thin metals quickly and accurately. It is and electric product which creates and arc to produce the high heat flame. The higher the amperage
of the cutter, the faster the cutter will go through thicker metals. Sometimes called a Plasma torch. Used to easily cut and modify ISBU
shipping containers. It cuts through thick metal as easy as a circular saw cuts through wood.

Thin layers of wood glued together and compressed to make thick, strong ply's with great strength.

Another term for module, unit, or container. Generally referring to a small module.

Portable Housing
Structures that can be moved easily from one location to another. The ideal portable housing base is an ISBU (shipping container)
The ideal portable housing can be trucked, shipped, and transported with no special equipment or over-sized trucks.

Portable Storage Containers
Usually referring to genuine ISO shipping containers (ISBU), or ISO certified storage containers (CSC) which the ISBU Association
certifies as safe for storage and certain construction. Check with your dealer before buying to be certain your Portable Storage Containers
are ISBU or Certified Storage Containers (CSC type). For safety and recyclability your storage container must either be ISBU or CSC type.

Pre-built Housing
A home built in pieces inside a factory, then transported by multiple truck loads to the destination site and assembled. Usually allowing
a lower construction price, better quality control, and faster construction time. The same is being done with ISBU shipping containers
and the homes, hotels and apartments have much stronger construction, lower cost and faster construction time. A pre-built home created
by multiple ISBU's will have 2-5 times more strength in an earthquake tornado, or hurricane than a standard modular home.

A home built in pieces inside a factory, then transported by multiple truck loads to the destination site and assembled. Usually allowing
a lower construction price, better quality control, and faster construction time. The same is being done with ISBU shipping containers
and the homes, hotels and apartments have much stronger construction, lower cost and faster construction time. A prefab home created
by multiple ISBU's will have 2-5 times more strength in an earthquake tornado, or hurricane than a standard modular home.

Prefab Schools
Classrooms that are built in a factory then trucked and assembled to the site for final assembly. [ see Prefab ]

A product or substance that can be re-used again or used for another purpose. To recycle a can we melt it down and use the aluminum
for another can or create aluminum for construction. Recycling reduces waste and pollution and keep our environment clean.

The level or efficiency of insulation; R-19, R-25; also called R-value. The higher the number, the more efficient the insulation.

Reflective Coating
Related to housing and construction; a coating on a roof or building that will reflect the heat before it enters the building skin.
Different than insulation, a reflective coating is on the exterior and not interior.

An extreme form of oxidation. Rust and corrosion cause damage to metals. Rust is the second step of oxidation.

Safe Room
A safe room is often one room or area of a home, school, or office building that can protect the occupants from some deadly force, either
natural or man made. In some areas people have a safe room under or attached to their home in the event of tornado, hurricane,
earthquakes, or even violence. A growing trend is to simply add an ISBU to, or under a home or office for the ultimate protection in the
event of any emergency or disaster. It's very affordable, simple, comfortable, and extremely versatile.

Shipping Container
Also known as ISO shipping container, or ISBU; it is a standardized steel box specifically used to ship cargo internationally and locally
and designed to fit on ships, trucks, rail, and airplanes to easily go anywhere in the world. Because it must be bumped, banged, dropped,
and stacked on by 5 or 8 other heavy shipping containers during transport, the ISO shipping container is the strongest mobile storage or
housing structure in the world. Build with heavy gauge Corten steel frame and shell, it will not rust or corrode and easily repaired.

Structural Integrity Report (SIR) is a comprehensive inspection and report that certifies used shipping containers for strength, and
toxic safety and also verifies the container with it's CIN ID code. This inspection is essential for obtaining building permits from government

As related to housing and ISBU shipping container home construction, a Skin on the outside of the home. The Infrastructure may be wood,
aluminum, plywood, or an ISBU shipping container, but the Skin can be wood siding, stucco, brick or any other material to look nice.
Skin: the exterior of a home or office.

Solar Heating
Simply, it is using the sun to heat surfaces of the interior of a home or office. Also the heating and storing of water heated by the sun
during the day to later heat the structure or bath water. Solar heating is very cheap and simply, but very unused by most consumers.

Solar Panel
A Solar panel is a group of solar-electric cells which generate electricity when the sun strikes the surface. The simplest example is the
calculator in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. We have been using solar cells and solar panels on a small scale very efficiently for at
least 20 years. Today, solar panels are very low, highly efficient and flexible for any home owner to easily create their own power supply
with very little maintenance.

Steel Building
A building structure utilizing steel frame and or steel siding to create a strong structure. The steel buildings are seen from farms to the
beautiful high rises in the city.

Storage Units
A building or cubical for the safe storing of products and equipment; usually thin metal or aluminum. The ideal storage unit for homes,
farms, construction, businesses, or rental units are ISBU based storage units which can be purchased and modified usually for less
than buying a thin metal or wood shed.

Sustainable Housing
Possibly the most "over used" and maybe meaningless word in our vocabulary the past 3 years. It should mean: long life with limited
effort to maintain. So we will leave it there for our definition of Sustainable Housing. ...if any type housing is "Sustainable" it would be
housing constructed from the base of multiple ISBU shipping containers. ...sustainable everything.

Sunless Greenhouse
A greenhouse, often underground for insulation purposes, the inexpensive UV lighting provided by LED technology. The demand for a
strong inexpensive structure to withstand the weight of 2-6 feet of earth has led to the use of ISBU for the underground greenhouse.
Previously, expensive UV grow lights, metal halide and reinforced concrete structures were the only option. Today, LED and ISBU are
making Sunless Greenhouse extremely affordable and realistic.

The ability to maintain something at a certain level indefinitely ...hopefully a sustainable home with low maintenance and highly efficient
insulation; sustainable energy using low cost, no maintenance solar or wind; food from a sustainable onsite greenhouse. The ultimate
definition for Sustainable would be: forever, with no cost, no maintenance, and no pollution.

Thermal Barrier
A coating, film, or membrane that reduces or stops the conduction of heat to the other side.

Toxic Materials
Materials and substances that create, promote or support toxicity. Certain glues, paints, laminates and insulations are considered toxic.

Wind Energy
The use of wind generators and wind turbines to create electricity for either private or public energy consumption.

Wind Turbine
An electrical generator with propeller type blades which are turned by the wind to turn the generator and produce an electrical output.